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Crispy Potato Cakes

23 Feb

Do I have a fabulous low fat, low calorie dish for you today!!

Ok, maybe not, but man, are these babies good! I quickly whipped some up for my lunch today because I seemed to have fallen in to a ‘same ol’ lunch’ funk that I couldn’t get myself out of. It happens to the best of us, unfortunately. These are a take off of my grandma’s potato pancakes because…umm….maybe I didn’t happen to have all the ingredients.

There. I said it.

These really are some of the simplest things to make probably EVER. Its not much of a recipe either, but I will gladly take the credit…..and maybe share a little with my grandma!

No promises.
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Rice Pudding–Risotto Style

20 Feb

My daughter really hates milk. Like completely refuses to drink the stuff. So, in an attempt to get some dairy and a few extra calories into her little one year old body, I made rice pudding.
Now, this isn’t your typical rice pudding! Its made with arborio rice and whole milk and you just go through the motions of making risotto, except it ends up being sweet. My mom taught me the whole arborio rice trick and man, is it a great one! That mother of mine has serious culinary tricks up her sleeve.
Anyways, the arborio rice puffs up into these chewy, soft grains that are swimming in this creamy, cinnamony deliciousness. And, I realize that last sentence had some made up words in it.
I don’t know what it is about eating something warm with cinnamon that makes me relax and forget about my cares. At least thats what happened yesterday when I made this….and then 5 minutes later realized my daughter was playing in the toilet. But, thats another story. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Ideas: Mini Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

12 Feb

This post is more about the frosting than anything else. Typically, most people have a good chocolate cake recipe or they just use boxed cake mixes. So, I’ll just leave it up to you to decide what you want to use. Now, as far as this fabulous frosting is concerned, you need to make this right now, or at least in a few days for your valentine! This frosting is really quick to whip up and you can make it as runny or as stiff as you like! It stays creamy and doesn’t get a hard crust if you leave it out for a little (like other frostings would). I personally don’t like to use butter in my cream cheese frostings because (a) its extra calories that don’t really add any extra flavor (b) I like to taste the cream cheese in a cream cheese frosting and (c) its EXTRA calories!!

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Lime (Tofu) Cheesecake

8 Feb

Thats right! Tofu Cheesecake! I wasn’t originally going to make a cheesecake with tofu, but I got gutsy and decided to try it and I am so glad that I did! This is SO SO good! You can’t even taste that there’s tofu in this dessert and you don’t have to feel all that bad eating it either because tofu is full of protein and has much less fat per serving than cream cheese, although I use both in this recipe. My inspiration for this recipe was a Key Lime Pie. I think the pie is too sweet for me and is really tangy and cream cheese was on sale! So, I couldn’t find any key limes here…….in the middle of no where….in the dead of winter, so I used regular plain old limes. They work just fine and are just as good! Plus, they’re bigger so juicing and zesting them is a breeze (as opposed to the tiny key limes that could possibly take FOREVER!)

If you’re looking to trick people into eating something they think they hate (like tofu) try this recipe and they’ll probably be thinking differently after you tell them. Continue reading