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Sesame Noodle Salad

18 Feb

Do I have a winner for you today! These are so delicious I just can’t stand it! I’ve seen many different versions of this noodle dish created before, but I’ve never attempted to try making it. So the other day, the stars aligned and I had all the ingredients I wanted. Let me tell you — it made a fabulous lunch for us yesterday AND today…plus a great snack in between! So delicious and full of vegetables, too!
I used whole wheat spaghetti because thats what I happened to have but you could use any noodle that tickles your fancy. Plus, this dressing is great and makes everything gingery, garlicy and sesame-ee. So perfect! It was so good and made so much that I dropped some by my sister’s place. She called me soon after and couldn’t stop raving about them! So, I made them again today!
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