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Whole Wheat Carrot Muffins

4 Feb

My husband and I are working on eating a little healthier and I refuse to give any food up! Some diets are really strict and severe and limit your caloric intake as well as certain foods and sometimes even entire food groups! (cough cough…. atkins) I don’t like this at all. And, just so you all know I am NOT on any particular diet at all. I am simply trying to incorporate more better nutrient rich foods into our everyday lives, especially since my daughter will soon be eating our big people food. Sigh…..I swear I just gave birth to her. Where does the time go?

ANYWAYS, this is just one of my recipes that my mom used to make us for breakfast that I’ve adapted and made a little healthier. If you’re a little hesitant about using carrots because you think its weird or you’ve never really had them before in a muffin, I promise these are good! I wouldn’t post them if they weren’t! They store well in the freezer as well as on the counter in an air tight container- up to 4 days.

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