About Go & Lo

This is Gordon and Lauren, also known as Go and Lo, how we are now (plus one!):

It didn’t all start out like this. The whole Go & Lo phenomenon started in 2004 in the south east corner of Idaho. They met in college in an english class. It was love at first sight for her. Not so much for him. They became friends….pretty good friends. And then Go got himself a girlfriend (and it wasn’t Lo). They stayed together for a while, while Lo tried to forget about him. Over the next few years, Lo traveled with roommates, experimented with recipes and (oh yeah!) was still working towards a degree.

Then, it happened. Go came into contact with Lo again. He asked her out. Then he asked her out again. Then they were dating. Then they were engaged and then inevitably they were married.

And then miraculously Lo got pregnant.
Then came a baby!
Go, Lo and their little girl currently still reside in Southeastern Idaho, but look forward to moving in the near future.
Go has almost completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance. He loves playing football, staying active, weightlifting, playing with his daughter and eating Lo’s cooking.
Lo completed her degree in Public Health and worked briefly as a Developmental Specialist before she became a stay at home mother. Since she had her baby, she has become an avid runner. She loves to experiment with different foods in the kitchen and create new delicious meals for her family. The old tried and true recipes that have been passed down through generations are still very popular in her household as well.

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