We are a family of three! We love being married and being parents. Its totally awesome. Here are some interesting facts about us to help you get to know who we are:


-This photo was taken in an airport at 4 am 3 days after we were married. Glamorous, I know.
-I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
-One of my brothers called me goat for at least half of my existence.
-He still calls me goat to this day.
-I almost named this website goatfood. No joke.
-I am in my 20’s and loving it.
-I love food.
-I can be very sarcastic at times.
-I fell in love with my husband the first time I laid eyes on him.
-I may or may not have eaten an entire better than sex cake in one sitting.
-I’m slightly addicted to food.
-I have gained and lost 60+ pounds in the last year….due to pregnancy and my eating habits


-This photo was taken on our first wedding anniversary. How romantic.
-Some people call him flash.
-He has 3 sisters and 4 brothers (see! Told you we came from big families)
-He loves my cooking and sometimes refuses to cook because ‘it won’t be as good as your food’….nice try, buddy.
-He is very strong and has big muscles (one of the very first things that I noticed that first day in college….be still my heart…..and my ovaries)
-He’s in his 20’s too!
-He is absolutely smitten with our baby girl

The Munchkin

Here are some interesting facts:
-She is 1 year old! (Time flies)
-She is a miracle baby because doctors said I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant…how about that!
-She loves pancakes, rice pudding, fries, celery, apples and grape juice.
-She responds to monkey.
-She likes to bite my arm, hug me and cry like she’s sorry, and then bite me again.
-She likes to drink bath water
-She is a great kid and we love her to pieces!


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