About GoLoKitchen

GoLo Kitchen was created almost by accident. Gordon had a college class requiring him to build a website and I (Lauren) had a measly little (practically unknown) food blog. Our heads came together and GoLo Kitchen was the logical choice- turn my teeny tiny blog into a pretty website; A place where my food experiments and family recipes could be showcased and shared.

I grew up watching my sister, mother, aunt and grandmother perform amazing feats in the kitchen resulting in delicious results that everybody loved, and I mean everybody. When I left for college, I quickly became addicted to the Food Network and making up new dinner creations with the random food I’d find in the fridge. From time to time, I’d call home for those prized recipes to make and remake them because they reminded me of home and they were just so darn good! So good that I had to share them.

I specifically pick and post certain recipes for a few reasons: (1) to keep for my records/my family’s records (2) I think you, the reader, would enjoy them, and (3) seriously, they are delicious.

Please enjoy!


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