Grilled Vegetarian Burritos!

18 May

Is it just me or am I posting a lot of Southwest/Mexican recipes lately? Its just so easy to do because we usually have all the fixings! We also love all the flavor combinations between guacamole, salsa, cilantro, lime…. the list goes on!

Anyways, I never was a burrito lover or eater before I met my husband. He made fried burritos all the time growing up (which probably explained the excessive weight back then–I didn’t believe it at first either!) Anyways, one day he made them for me/told me how to make them and then I proceeded to assemble and fry me some burritos. I’m such a good wife, aren’t I?! The conclusion from that day was earth shattering, mind blowing and life changing. Fried burritos are the and I don’t care how many calories they are! Except for today because I felt like switching it up and making them vegetarian and grilling them. I promise you won’t miss the meat! I’m a meat eater and lover and these burritos were totally satisfying (and under 300 calories!) The semi crunchy semi soft outer shell is pretty stellar on its own, but then when you add in all the other goodies, its just incredible. My daughter ate these suckers up…and she’s 15 months old. I’d recommend putting all the goodies/fillings on the table and letting your family assemble their own burritos and then……use a panini press to cook them all at once!! GENIUS! I was pretty excited about that idea….but if you’re a plain jane traditional type then you can use your skillet. But seriously though, pick yourself up a panini press–now THAT invention was life changing….much like these burritos.
**Side Note: This post reminded me that I used to sometimes call my husband Gordito…..I should do that more often. Haha.
If you have picky eaters at your table, then use the fillings they’d like. These were all the ones I had in my fridge today! Burritos are really easy to assemble and you can make it to ‘order’–just how you like it–my kind of recipe!
Grilled Vegetarian Burritos
flour tortillas
grated cheddar cheese
black beans
rice pilaf (Plain rice would work but see recipe tips at bottom for recipe)
sauteed Vidalia onions (you want them to be soft and have brown crispy edges)
good salsa
diced tomato
butter for the pan or panini press
Heat skillet or panini press to medium to medium high heat. Steam or microwave tortillas so they are soft and easy to work with. Starting with grated cheese, fill your burrito with desired fillings. Top your mountain of fillings with more cheese and fold into a burrito, tucking the edges as you go. Brush hot panini press or skillet with butter (don’t be stingy!) Place burritos seam side down and cook until golden in color and crispy. Serve warm.
Recipe TIPS:
-For easy rice pilaf, sautee rice in 1-2 tablespoons butter. Stir in correct amount of chicken broth, 1 large bay leaf, salt and pepper. Bring to boil and then reduce heat until rice is completely cooked, about 20 minutes.

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